With so many exciting things to do in downtown Gatlinburg, how do you know where to go first? We wanted to share a few of our favorite places to visit, specifically museums in Gatlinburg that every member of your family will love. Read on to discover the top museums, from famous cars to peculiar oddities from around the world! 

1. Hollywood Star Cars Museum

hollywood star carsAre you a fan of Back to the Future, Fast and Furious, Transformers, or Batman? Then the Hollywood Star Cars Museum should be the first museum on your list. Movie buffs and car enthusiasts will appreciate the variety of famous cars on TV, as well as cars that famous people have driven! They have the original 1966 Batman car, the 1992 Batmobile, and other featured items in their collection, including the Dodge Charger from Dukes of Hazzard and the Cadillac from the 1984 Ghostbusters. 

2. Speedwerkz Exotic Car Experience

Speedwerkz is another one of the fantastic car museums in Gatlinburg, but instead of famous cars from TV, this attraction has a collection of rare and exotic cars, from Lamborghini and McLaren to Porsche and Ferrari. What is even better is that you can sit in one of the cars and have your photo taken, plus experience what it would be like to drive one at their state-of-the-art racing simulators!

3. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

ripley's believe it or not in downtown gatlinburgThis iconic attraction is located right next to our restaurant in downtown Gatlinburg and has been a family favorite for years. At Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, seeing is believing, with mind-blowing exhibits and interactive displays that will leave you speechless. You’ll have the opportunity to experience working in a vacuum in space, learn about the nearly 100 shrunken heads in Ripley’s collection, and see incredible artwork, memorabilia, and more!

4. Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum 

Just a few minutes outside downtown Gatlinburg is a one-of-a-kind museum that you won’t want to skip. The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum is not just unique, but we can guarantee you have never seen anything like it before! They have over 20,000 sets of salt and pepper shakers sourced worldwide, as well as pepper mills. Admission is only $3 for adults, and children 12 and under are free, so it’s a very affordable option for families! Plus, that $3 actually goes toward a souvenir purchase from the gift shop!

Eat With Us

Don’t forget to stop by Smith & Son during your day exploring the many museums in Gatlinburg! We serve up Southern classics, mouthwatering BBQ, burgers, nachos, wings, and much more. Also on our menu are specialty cocktails and an extensive list of alcoholic beverages, so there is something for everyone! Our corner kitchen is open late 7 days a week, so no matter when you are ready for a good meal, we are ready to serve you!

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