If you are in the mood for the best chicken wings during your vacation in the Smoky Mountains, we have got you covered! Our restaurant has some of the best flavorful chicken in addition to a variety of sauces. The quality of our chicken and friendly service will impress you! Here are 3 reasons why we have the best Smoky Mountain chicken wings:

1. Full of Flavor

chicken wings on plateWho doesn’t enjoy flavorful chicken wings? At our restaurant, we take seasonings seriously and make sure to use just the right amount so you can enjoy every bite! We begin preparing our Smoky Mountain chicken wings through the process of brining. This long process is when our chicken gets juicy and slightly salty. We next season our chicken with our special spices. After the chicken has been brined and seasoned off to the deep fryer it goes. When the wings are nice and crispy, they are pulled and sauced and tossed with a flavorful sauce of your choice! Dip your flavorful wings with your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing. From start to plate, we make sure your chicken wings will be bursting with flavor!

2. Quality

When you bite into our Smoky Mountain chicken wings, you’ll be able to taste the quality of the chicken. We source our chicken through Springer Mountain Farms in Georgia. This Georgia based farm was named best tasting bird by Cooking Light Magazine in 2016! The chicken is not only flavorful, but ethical as well. Springer Mountain Farms prides themselves on providing their chickens with a quality life and healthy diet. The family owned farm has been around for a while and they have 25 years of experience raising chickens! Quality care means quality flavor! The meat has a good mellow flavor yet tender. This high quality chicken will impress you!

3. Sauce Options

chicken wings on tableWe pride ourselves on variety when it comes to our food! When you order our Smoky Mountain chicken wings, you’ll have a total of 6 sauces to choose from to have your wings tossed in. Choose from our Original Buffalo, Smoky BBQ, Sweet Teriyaki, Mango Habanero, Korean BBQ, or Buffalo Dry Rub! Our sauces can fit anyone’s heat preference. If you are more into spicy foods, we recommend our Original Buffalo or Mango Habanero. Are you a fan of sweet and savory flavors? Try our Smoky BBQ, Korean BBQ, or Sweet Teriyaki. If you don’t like sauce, check out our tasty Buffalo Dry Rub! Pair your freshly sauced wings with sliced veggies to dip into your ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Order a side of fries if you are feeling extra hungry! One thing is for sure, once you taste our Smoky Mountain chicken wings you will be coming back for more!

You just learned 3 reasons why we have the best Smoky Mountain chicken wings! Now that you know about our chicken wings, take a look at our full menu! We have plenty of tasty options available for everyone! We look forward to serving you at our Gatlinburg restaurant!

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