If you are looking for some of the tastiest chicken around, you’ve got to try out our restaurant in Gatlinburg! We serve a variety of chicken meals ready to satisfy your cravings for a tasty treat. There are plenty of restaurants in Gatlinburg so it can be difficult to choose which restaurant in downtown Gatlinburg to visit for lunch and dinner. Here are 3 reasons our chicken sets us apart from other Gatlinburg restaurants on the strip:

1. We Have a Variety

chicken wings in tray with veggiesWhen looking around at some of the Gatlinburg restaurants on the strip you will find they serve a specific style of food or cuisine. We have a variety of options! Some of our chicken options include chicken salads, chicken wings, chicken tenders, chicken fajitas, chicken sandwiches, Half Smoked Yard Bird, and more! Are you looking for grilled chicken? We have that! What about fried? You can find fried chicken options on our menu as well. Looking for a healthy chicken option? Try out our tasty Strawberry Chicken Salad. How about something with a little kick? Enjoy chowing down on our Southern Fried Hot Chicken. This sandwich comes beer-battered and deep fried and tossed in hot sauce. 

2. Always Fresh

Our chicken truly sets up apart from other Gatlinburg restaurants on the strip because we use high quality farm fresh chicken. Our chicken comes from Springer Mountain Farms in Georgia which is not too far away from our restaurant in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The farm is known for having some of the best tasting chicken around! We bread your chicken to order meaning you will receive only the freshest high quality chicken at your table. Our chicken is amazingly tender and flavorful. You will be highly impressed and come back for more! We place great care into preparing your meal so expect great results from our chefs. 

3. Great Sides to Complement Our Chicken

foodThe best way to complement the chicken at our restaurant is with a classic tasty side! Our sides set us apart from other Gatlinburg restaurants on the strip because we have many unique and traditional options. When you order our chicken tenders, enjoy a side of our French fries and creamy coleslaw. It will clear your palette so you can continue to enjoy the flavorful chicken. If you order our Half Smoked Yard Bird, you will also receive a side of baked beans, garlic bread, and coleslaw. Some of our other sides to try out are our steamed broccoli, potato salad, mashed potatoes, and fried potato chips. Some of our entree chicken options come with your choice of side. There are so many options to pair with your meal as you enjoy chowing down on your tasty chicken!

Alright chicken fans, are you happy you learned the 3 reasons our chicken sets us apart from other Gatlinburg restaurants on the strip? Take a look at our full menu and decide which chicken meal you are most interested in trying! We look forward to serving you and showing you how delicious our chicken is!

Smith and Son Corner Kitchen
Smith & Son Corner Kitchen in Gatlinburg, TN